Sleepless in Oxford

I’ve definitely screwed myself up pretty well on sleep. I slept around 5 hours the night that I left for this, which was Wednesday night. Since that time I’ve eaten two meals and slept about 5 hours, and it is now almost 4 AM according to Oxford time, on Saturday.

I was so exhausted I laid down at 9 PM hoping to crash hard. I was past the point of exhaustion though, and have now been awake for over an hour.

So I figured I would write in hopes of getting sleepy, I’m hoping to get another couple of hours in before waking for breakfast.

* * *

After all the drama of getting here, my entrance to Oxford was a breeze — thankfully.

I checked in and got situated in my room, which is gorgeous. I have two huge windows that open up to view our courtyard and then beyond that is a lovely garden.

The building straight ahead is where I am living.

I got paired up to room with Mary Beth, who is my absolute beloved and study buddy in my cohort stateside, so I’m incredibly grateful. I love her! We always joke about being twins, and today as we unpacked it was confirmed even in the silliest form: we bought and packed matching loofahs on accident haha.

We had an informational session just explaining some things for while we are here. I need to figure out all the rules for on campus. No walking on the grass! Haha, but there’s other strange rules about the grass, like no red wine, no hot food, and no coffee on the grass that I think (this area shown in the above picture) is okay for us to “picnic” and lounge on. We shall see!

Everything is so gorgeous and picturesque, as cheesy as that sounds. Every single thing I’ve seen looks like it could be a postcard.

I love the huge clock on either side of this walkway.

We went to dinner at a lovely local pub, where I had fish and chips for my first meal here… Because it seemed appropriate. I also tried their mashed peas and black pudding, which I really liked.

After dinner we took a tour of the campus and then wandered out into a park in Oxford. It is so beautiful here, seriously. The colors of all the flowers everywhere have surprised me. I expected that in Costa Rica and Hawaii, but not here. It makes sense with their rainfall that they can maintain such beauty.

The lovely Mary Beth and I on a bridge in the park we wandered through.


I am going to try to sleep now! My goal is to try to write every day that I can. I figure I can share photos from my phone this way now, and then once I’m home I can upload “real” pictures.



2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Oxford

  1. Been living vicariously through you since 2006 and will continue to do so! You’re an insperation to say the least! Now to watch more of your journey 🙂


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