Life has been crazy lately. I had finals and then went to NC to visit my family… I have one letter left from the A to Z challenge, and though I will not count this “successfully completed” I wanted to finish the race.

As the weather finally turns warmer here in frigid Buffalo NY, I am gearing up for an awesome summer. Summers in Buffalo are truly amazing. There is some type of festival or celebration every weekend. Everyone is in an amazing mood. Summer in Buffalo is the epitome of carpe diem. I think that is because winters are so long and harsh that it makes you so motivated to take full advantage of good weather. I love it! When I lived in San Diego I never had that sense of urgency, you just knew that next weekend would be just as nice so there was no reason to have to act today.

At any rate, I really want to give myself some place to relax. With working full time and being in grad school full time, I know my summer free time will be different than it has been before. So I wanted to create a little utopia of sorts for me to relax on.

I have a porch on the front of my apartment that is in a nice, sweet neighborhood where everyone waves and walks their dog and looks out for each other. I’ve decided to make this porch of mine my little sweet summer spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

I’ve been DIYing everything for it, looking at way to much stuff on Pinterest, garbage picking like a crazy person, and searching every nook and cranny in all the local thrift stores.

I’ve so far spent $32 on furniture and decorations and then about $60 on spray paint to spruce things up a bit.

Here’s what I have so far!


I can’t wait to get home from work and read for school on this lovely porch. I have more to go, but I’m so excited!



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