Yourself, and how to be


I truly love this quote. I believe wholeheartedly in that message. People can spend years trying to force themselves to like things that other people like, or act in ways that other people deem socially acceptable, or just going along as a muted version of themselves for the sake of fitting in.

Screw that. 

I think that is what I am enjoying most in life as I get “older.” I really have run out of cares to give to people who don’t mean anything to me anyway. And it is such a freeing feeling to be able to look at something and think Everyone likes you, but I don’t… and I’m not going to force myself. Whether that is begin said to a TV show, or a book, or a person, or a food dish. It’s empowering after a childhood of “Get along with people,” “eat to clean your plate,” etc.

I’m always curious about other people’s experience with this. Have you changed as an adult to be more like your true self? 


Part of the A to Z Challenge… A post a day for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.


3 thoughts on “Yourself, and how to be

  1. This kind of goes along the same lines as my last post, and it is just as valid! I am nothing like what I thought I might be when I was young, and I am far more real now than I ever have been.


  2. This is the hardest thing the world to be.. Yourself. You are born as a different being, however, you become just another one in the rat race. No wonder it is called a rat race.. I think, being your own self is a process. Unless you take the first step, you won’t be able to find your whole self. And the first step funnily is the acceptance that you have to live like yourself.

    Regards, Sakshi

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