Zzz… And the lack thereof: Insomnia

Late nights where I can’t sleep

and I lay awake writing my thoughts or singing to my dog or planning travel or mindlessly perusing

the space where other people share their thoughts and ideas and dreams and hopes and goals

and pictures of their babies and their pets and their food and their lives

and the things that inspire them and the things that make them angry and the things that bring them joy

all the while I keep thinking I should stop providing stimulation to my head

which is already too loud and much louder than the average brain screams at it’s owner

and I want to slow down and to stop and to relax

and to slowly slip into a blissful dream where I go hiking to a waterfall

and then fall into the sky where I live on a star and I meet the Big Dipper (Hello, Mr. Ursa Major)

and we become close friends because no matter where I’ve lived or what coast I am on or what ocean I am in

he is always there watching me but in a good way not like a creepy uncle more like a protective brother

who only wants the best for me and what is best for me is for me to sleep but I can’t sleep because


and steroids I took from being sick

but my body is tired and my head is full and I try to unwind

and I know the alarm will go off in three hours and twenty minutes so I should try to stop

but I can’t seem to stop

this poor head who is trying to unpack all these bags from the journeys it has taken

and the adventures it has yet to begin

and now the clock that I’m racing says it’s three hours and nineteen minutes until detonation it goes off.






Part of the A to Z Challenge… A post a day for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I always love feedback, whether it’s an approving nod via a “like”, or a comment. Writing can be hard to put your thoughts out there and send them into the void, and it is nice to know that sometimes some of your words stick to something.

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