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I am very behind in my A to Z challenge, but I figure if I post twice a day until the end of April then I will catch up… Oh boy.

I had semi plotted out my course of action for topics to work through the alphabet with. I am finding this much harder than anticipated, because it is hard to force yourself to write about something if you don’t feel inspired to do so. I was planning on using L to write about Love, because oh boy do I have a million thoughts on the topic. But every time I went to write, the ideas overwhelmed and exhausted me.

Isn’t that an odd thing, writer friends, that sometimes your words free you and sometimes they trap you?

So I’ve decided instead to write about little things. Those little things that mean so much and can completely change your day, your outlook, and your disposition.


And yes, that picture may have just brought tears to your eyes. But I am not sorry, because that is my favorite part of any movie, when Carl discovers their “Adventure Book” full of their “little things” life.

So, if I was to write my own version of “My Favorite Things” a la Fraulein Maria, these would all be included.

1.) A Q-tip. Nothing like a good ear cleaning to be so satisfying. Audiologists can tell me all day that it is bad for me, I will continue because it is so enjoyable.
2.) Hearing from someone I love that I haven’t talked to in a while.
3.) A hug. And I don’t mean those little, brief hugs… I mean a full-on embrace in which bodies are touching and people are clasping. Yeah, that might sound awkward, but it’s awesome.
4.) A hug that cracks my back.
5.) Being cold at night and rolling over to a warm person or animal.
6.) Unexpected gifts. It doesn’t have to even have any monetary value, it’s just nice to know that other people know me well enough that they saw something, thought of me, knew I would like it, and then brought it to me.
7.) Driving with the windows down and having my arm out the window playing with the wind. Makes me feel like a kid, and I love it.
8.) Sneezing.
9.) Drinking a beer in the shower after a long day. It is my favorite way to relax before getting ready to go somewhere… unless it’s a night in, then it’s wine and a book in the bathtub.
10.) Finding money in my pocket.
11.) Being greeted by my dog. Pure, unadulterated joy.
12.) When I am falling asleep and my breathing syncs with someone else’s. It’s so calming, and feels like we are drifting through this night together.
13.) When someone catches my eye after someone says something to exchange one look that references a private joke or an innuendo that we are not going to mention, but had to refer to each other to make sure it wasn’t missed.
14.) Laughing so hard that other things are hard to do… like breathing… or walking… or when my eyes won’t stop watering… or when it hurts my stomach. I love that.
15.) Compliments from strangers. They could be something simple, but they are so lovely. I try to give them to strangers whenever I note something about them that I enjoy. My dad taught me this, and it’s really fun to see how people respond.
16.) Hearing someone smile over the phone.
17.) Sleeping in my bed after being away.
18.) Hearing an old song that you love and remembering all the words.
19.) When someone remembers or references something I have said before. (Hey- yeah that is narcissistic, but I say a lot of things, and everyone likes when something they said sticks to someone!)
20.) Waking up feeling pretty for no real reason.


That is my list. What are some of your favorite little things?





Part of the A to Z Challenge… A post a day for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I always love feedback, whether it’s an approving nod via a “like”, or a comment. Writing can be hard to put your thoughts out there and send them into the void, and it is nice to know that sometimes some of your words stick to something.

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