A to Z Challenge


If Plan A fails, don’t worry, you still have 25  letters left.


I am going to do something that seems incredibly daunting to me at the moment.

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge where you write a blog post every day except Sundays for the month of April. I have had this blog for a year now, but really haven’t done much with it, except to express my thoughts when I feel that I would implode if they stayed contained within me.


I would say that it doesn’t matter if anyone reads this, but that is a lie – because everyone in the world wants their thoughts and opinions and words to matter. Everyone. But I do want to do this challenge to challenge myself. To do it for me.

I had a blog before it was called blogging, I am pretty sure. It started as an “online diary” and then was changed to the term “journal”. I have written on more than three sites all my random thoughts from the age of 17. Most of it is random ramblings and complete rubbish. But I truly enjoy going back through and reading my thoughts, and seeing how my opinions have changed and how life takes so many turns and holds so many events that you often forget things that were a big deal to you at the time.

But I haven’t done this for a long time. So here is my motivation.


Reasons I am participating in this challenge:

  1. I have wanted to be a more consistent writer for quite some time.

  2. I need to get in the habit of creating and forcing creativity even when I don’t feel the juices flowing.

  3. I am focusing on positive changes in April for myself.

  4. I want to start writing regularly on this blog, and while I don’t plan to be an every day blogger –  I need to start somewhere.

  5. Writing is healthy. It is the best way for me to have a healthy headspace.

  6. Build a network of other bloggers who inspire me.

  7. Work on brevity, and being a more concise and exacting writer.


I know this will be challenging for me on top of my full time job and full time Graduate classes, but am eagerly anticipating the challenge.

I am going to be writing on a hodgepodge of topics, none of which I have yet planned.

It’s going to be hard and it is probably going to be sloppy at times.


Let’s do this.



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