Angry Belly

So after coming off my juice and starting to consume real food…. I have found that my stomach loathes me.


I had been dreaming of all the foods that I would allow myself to have once I was done, and I don’t want any of them. The only thing that I have eaten that really wasn’t healthy was one slice of pizza, on the first day. And it almost killed me.

I have been getting intense stomach aches every night! I know that it will take time to readjust, but for now it is hard.

I also let myself have coffee for the first time on Tuesday, and am now a caffeine lightweight. 3/4 of a cup resulted in me not sleeping at all that night. I was so shocked by my results with caffeine that I haven’t allowed myself any alcohol, for fear of what that might do to me.

I certainly have a lot to get used to!


I went back to the gym for the first time, and just did some cardio. My ribs are still really sore when I sit up out of bed (Yes… going from flat to sitting up really strains them) so I am taking it easy. I also think my body is adjusting to so many things right now that I am scared to overdo it.

I have a super crazy heart. In the figurative and the literal sense. Literally my heart rate is incredibly high, and goes nutso when I am doing cardio. I have always had a fast heart rate, even when I was in the best shape of my life. My doctor told me that it is thyroid-related for sure. But because of that, I get very nervous when I am at the gym sometimes. When I am doing cardio and actually are watching my heart rate, it is super high… Like 180 BPM.

So I got a heart rate monitor to keep track of it, and I was really excited to get to finally use it! (I had ordered it right before I broke my ribs, therefore preventing gym time). You input your height, weight, age, etc. and it then generates what your Target Heart Rate is and keeps track of it while working out. It is nice because it starts beeping when I am out of my target zone, so I can force myself to slow down a bit so that it doesn’t explode.

It is also nifty because it takes that information and then generates how many calories you have burned during your workout. (Note: Every body is different and there is no way to have this be 100% accurate… but it is still a nice gauge and a nice way of tracking the differences between your personal burns). This was my first burn back!


Next week I am going to get my heart tested by order of my doctor. I apparently wear a monitor for one day and then turn it in to them and they will pull off the data and a cardiologist will look at it.

So for now I am just going to take it easy… and wait for my stomach to stop yelling at me.


“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants.

The way it stops and starts.”

-Edgar Allen Poe


Tell me all your thoughts!

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