Day 3

Day 3 of juicing for me was a tough one. I have been limiting (and by limiting I mean completely avoiding) any social interactions so that I am not around food, drink, etc. but last night I went to my friend’s for a little get together to hear about her recent trip to Ireland. It was much easier because she graciously provided a salad bar for her guests to eat from, so it’s not like I had to watch people eat pizza, but it was still tough while I sat there and sipped my juice.

My juicing recipes for today were the same as day 2. I was fine with them and didn’t feel like putting in a ton of effort and time at my juicer (It really is quite time consuming!) and so I just did the same recipes from the day before, which was fine.


I think the mood swings are the weirdest part of this all. And even though I know that it is not my normal reaction, and that this is the “juice” talking, it still really makes me feel kind of crazy. It is like all emotions, good or bad, feel completely overwhelming to me.

A guy cut me off in traffic yesterday and I almost burst into tears. TEARS. Not a fit of rage. No strings of ugly words flying toward my windshield. I just wanted to cry.

I am hoping this is something that goes away soon!

Behind the Scenes

I guess now I need to back up.

I started all of this with doing the Ultimate Reset through Beachbody. It is a 21 day program in which you take all of these supplements and follow strictly their diet plan.

As soon as I started looking into their diet plan, I knew that it would result in a lot of wasted, un-eaten food if I was to have shopped from their list. I think a really important thing to always keep in mind when trying something new and daring is to know yourself. Everyone has limitations. I am not at all the kind of person who gets off from work and goes home and spends an hour in the kitchen preparing something, 10 minutes eating it, and then 30 minutes cleaning it up. I just don’t. Living alone and eating by myself means I just do not spend a lot of time there. So I knew that for me to buy all of those ingredients and actually take the time to sit and prepare all of those meals was completely unrealistic for me. I also would have had to prep the meals for the following day, since I work, and I would have spent all my waking hours at work and then in my kitchen. Again, which I knew was unrealistic for me.

So I followed the basic guidelines: Week 1 cut down on meat, sugar, grains, and dairy. Week 2 you are eating as a vegetarian. Week 3, as a vegan. I was taking all the supplements, drinking the concoctions, and swallowing the pills according to the plan still though.

I had no problem with weeks 1 and 2. Yes, it was tough, but not anything unbearable. I really just missed my coffee more than anything. But I knew that the vegan week would kill me. During my vegetarian week, I was still eating yogurt and putting a little cheese on my salads. I know that eating vegan there are still a lot of yummy options, but I know that realistically–I would want to get home from an exhausting day and grab something easy.

I had also watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (seriously… if you haven’t seen it, do so! You can watch it for free online.) and I knew that I wanted to try a juice fast again. The main guy in and behind the documentary, Joe Cross, did a 60 day juice cleanse, but recommends everyone do a 10 day one. So I figured I could juice for my vegan week. It would be a way of sticking with the vegan plan, (albeit much more intensely) and also getting the benefits of my juicing… so I am basically now overlapping 2 different programs.

I am also participating in a weight loss competition at my gym, so I have 4 mandated weigh ins. Day 1 of my weigh in started on Day 1 of my 21 day reset.


Day 14 of my reset (day 1 0f juicing) I had my second weigh in. I had lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I was pretty pleased with it, and sort of went into it not really knowing what to expect. I know with my thyroid problem that my metabolism and body does not respond to things normally, so I kept sort of psyching myself into thinking that even if I hadn’t lost weight, that I was still making healthier choices and that I should be pleased still.

But the 5 pounds was nice. 5 pounds in 2 weeks is good, that’s an average of 2.5 pounds a week which is a healthy, manageable number.

While I was out in public last night, a couple people commented that I looked like I had lost weight. I just assumed that they were being polite since they know I am really trying here, and I think they felt bad that I was drinking my green concoction. But then my best friend told me she can see it in my face that I have lost weight, so it did make me curious.

Last night as I lay there in my bed feeling exhausted, cranky, and hungry; I decided that first thing this morning I would weigh myself again. Even though it has only been 4 days since my last weigh in. I thought even seeing a 1 pound loss would be a huge encouragement and I need that right now.

So I weighed myself this morning. I stood nervously before the scale, chanting to myself that I am not defined by a number on a scale. I am making changes inwardly toward my health that are not measured in numbers… But I secretly knew deep down that if it showed no progress, it would be incredibly disheartening. So after finally getting up the nerve, I stepped on the scale. And after 3 days of juicing– I have lost 4 pounds!

That is a total thus far of 9 pounds in 17 days. It seemed to good to be true, so I got dressed for work and 5 minutes later, weighed myself again and had the same result.

I am so completely thrilled and doing a happy dance. I am so glad that I weighed in because it has changed my whole outlook on the day. I am sitting here, happily sipping my juice and feeling on top of the world. Moments like this are fantastic. I love when something encouraging happens at the moment in which you perfectly needed it.

signature“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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