The Oxford University

I am going to be studying abroad this summer in the month of July at Oxford University at Trinity College as part of my Master’s Degree.

I am beyond excited.

Not only to be able to from here on have The Oxford University name on my resume, but to experience everything I can while there.

I have never been to the UK, and am submitting this as my formal request to the universe of bloggers to give me all your tips on where to go and what to see!






Part of the A to Z Challenge… A post a day for the month of April that covers all letters of the alphabet. I am running behind on some posts, so some days I am posting multiples and I am not going in order. :)



Thanks for taking the time to read this. I always love feedback, whether it’s an approving nod via a “like”, or a comment. Writing can be hard to put your thoughts out there and send them into the void, and it is nice to know that sometimes some of your words stick to something.
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